Post-Its are magical!

It is almost time for the seventh annual Giant Robot Post-It art show and I’m contributing again this year.

I tend to work with a different theme or technique for each show; what the theme is depends on what I am interested in at the time or what random thing I get inspired by.

Post-It 3 — A technique year: screen printed birds and leaves or geometric shapes which I then embroidered or sequined. I had been working with embroidery and sequins in my art a lot that year.

Post-It 4 — Animals: for this show I wanted to work more on my drawing so I did some with color pencils and some with line drawings.

Post-It 5 — Foods I ate in NY: my boyfriend and I had just come back from our first trip to New York and had a lot of delicious food, from halal street meat carts and corner pizza dives to fancy joints like Babbo and Annisa.

Post-It 6 — Bunnies: Aimed for simplified bunny line drawings on fields of pattern plants. What can I say..I like bunnies.

This year I had two ideas.

The first idea I had for this year was a series based on crows after seeing a trio of crows harrying a hawk above me as I walked to work. The hawk was twice as big as them but they were persistent about chasing the hawk to and fro. The black crows and white barred belly of the raptor made a nice contrast against the deep blue of the sky. I like drawing birds and this is right in my usual aesthetic so I decided to wait in case a better idea popped up.

Now I am not sure where the second idea came from. For some reason I started thinking of magic tricks which naturally led to the idea of magicians. Perhaps it is from catching a bit of The Prestige on the television before heading to work a few mornings before.

I originally thought of drawing classic magic tricks like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, or Chung Ling Soo/Ching Ling Foo’s goldfish bowl trick. Some tricks are just as famous as the magicians who performed them so I thought of drawing them too; from Harry Houdini, Soo and Foo, Penn and Teller, David Copperfield, to the current batch of showmen like Criss Angel

Eventually one set of magicians jumped out at me: Siegfried and Roy: Masters of the Impossible. They’ve made a huge mark on popular culture and they seem like pretty nice guys to boot and they have become my muse for the next Post-It show. It is also a challenge for me since I generally don’t draw people in my work but the flamboyance and zeal these characters had in their magic shows is irresistible. Also it will be an opportunity to do some leafing and add some bling to these Post-Its.

Currently I am working on one big piece. When I finish I may undertake some smaller single sticky notes but I’ll be happy if this one turns out as fabulously as I hope it does.

Just the rough layout for now.

Yes, I spelled Siegfried wrong in my layout. I need to refine the poses and add in more details before I go to the painting/coloring and then the leafing stage. I haven’t decided if I’ll do gold or silver yet, but it depends on the color of the rest of the outfits. Text will prolly be redone later too.
When I get the press release I’ll post more details for the show, but I can tell you that it will start on December 10th, 2011 and most Post-Its will be $20.


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