Magic in progress

I redid the top text and switched to red lead mechanical pencil since my regular was smearing too much.

I’m working with Yarka/St Petersburg semi-moist pan watercolors rather than my usual acrylics. It is nice since I messed up painting Siegfried’s face and could just it off and start again.

I need to add shading to the doves and tiger (more watercolor) and draw in tiger stripes (Higgins Neutral Gray waterproof ink or more watercolor). After that is done I’ll break out the silver leaf and decorate the duo’s vests (and prolly do the lining in silver instead of the more opaque lavender). I also need to clean up the bottom section of text too.

Updated: I scrubbed the purple vests since they weren’t working and finished up the tiger. The final shall be unveiled in the next post.


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