Bleeding Bird – Macabre Sequins

A piece from my first show at GR2, July 2008’s Suggestion Box.

I repeat elements of this piece in a lot of my other work and jewelry.


I grew up on a steady tv-diet of animal documentaries, Rescue-911, and crime dramas so blood is not really something that bothered me from a clinical perspective.  I thought that being a forensic pathologist was the coolest thing in the world and aspired to be one if I couldn’t be an artist or actress.

Can’t deal with the smells though: if I can’t handle finding a long-forgotten potato, I probably could not handle the scent of putrefying flesh. Oh well.

I still have a fascination with guts and gore and a pretty macabre (and occasionally inappropriate) sensibility at times.

The idea for this piece came about around the idea of shining drops of blood.



Silkscreen print of bird and embroidered felt plush with hand sewn sequins.

I used a whip stitch to bind the felt together and a back stitch on the rear of the bird in an ambiguous and organic pattern I use often. In this instance I used it to represent of viscera and worms.

In the movies when you slit the jugular vein, the de-oxygenated blood from the brain is darker and will ooze rather than spray and spurt like a cut to carotid artery would. This blood is what I was inspired by and this blood is deep and dark.

I could have used a piece of fabric or molded plastic for the blood, but I wanted sparkle. I used a mix of sequin colors and shapes rather than one color. One could describe the organic shapes (shells, leaves, flowers, etc) and colors of the sequined-blood as being representative of life in general.

I also wanted to make death look a little shinier, a little happier, and a little glamorous.


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