A tiny taste of Flavoroux

One of the other projects I’m involved in is a site called Flavoroux. It is a site that indexes cooking ingredients and flavor combinations; it also suggests possible ways to use that ingredient.

You don’t need to join the site to learn about ingredients but you can join and submit recipe links and posts of your own (the creator described it as a “visual Wikipedia/Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter/Instragram for food”).

I’m on a small team that writes descriptions for ingredients and finds recipes to show how you can cook with a particular item.

I am also beginning to dabble in photography for the site; it will be good practice for taking product photos for my Etsy shop.

Here’s the first set. Since I was just using a cellphone to take pictures I decided to get creative in a few of the photos to make up for the lack of resolution. The pics were quickly edited in photoshop after. I’ll try to dig out a better camera for the next set.


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