Etsy Preview – Sequin Necklace

Quick preview on something I plan on putting up on my (not yet live) Etsy shop.

Handsewn sequins on a felt and leather base. Strung on a silver-plated chain.

This is the third iteration of my sequin scale necklace.

The idea for it originated in a bit of a macabre place.

I made a necklace to wear to the opening of Suggestion Box. This particular version was the most unique. The sequined bib was cut into a shape that looked like a gash dripping with sparkling blood and it hung from a cord of woven embroidery floss with small tassels.

Over time the sequins will develop a patina as some of the color wears away.

The second version was made in more of a chevron shape for a silent auction at the CD release party of Long Nguyen‘s Shoebox Letters. This one was the first with a chain.

The current iteration is the fanciest. Tricolored (red, yellow, and blue) stitching binds a piece of felt and leather together with ribbon loops used to attach jumprings to a silver plated chain. The sequins are a mix of round and square, flat and cupped metallic sequins. Each sequin is hand sewn and each necklace will be slightly different. I made five for a Chinese Zodiac themed show in January 2012 which showed me that production of multiples wasn’t too painful).

I need to take some proper product photos before I go live. Hopefully the store will be up very soon.


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