Personal Costume Party

I love Halloween but this year I couldn’t find enough time to put together a proper costume, but I suppose I would be overdressed to enjoy some gin and dinner once I get home tonight.

In honor of the holiday here is a montage of outfits/costumes I’ve thrown together in the past for Halloween, random film/photo projects, dancing, and theatre shows.

Not pictured: absinthe fairy, french fish (fish head with jumper and beret), angry female performance artist, white Elektra, and hula girl.

Counterclockwise from top left:

Safe Sex Fairy (LCC theatre, just trying to grab attention outside of a show)

Dominatrix (AAMP retreat short)

Elektra (LCC banquet & dancing)


Kung Fu Actress: From a LCC show where my film shoot was interrupted by a ninja attack.

Nocturnal Wonderland randomness

Superhero Street Fair SF: It was a last minute jaunt and I had to take BART to meet another friend right after so I couldn’t build a elaborate costume.

Fish: The head is built with metal strapping then covered with fabric, similar to how Chinese Lion Dance heads are constructed according to a friend.

Yuuko Ishida from Sexy Losers (extremely NSFW)

Superhero counselor during Unicamp, UCLA’s official student charity.


Have a happy Halloween!


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