The spookiest holiday of the year may be over now but there are still many mysteries and unknown creatures that may inhabit the world.

I find cryptozoology is very interesting and can lose a few hours in a wikipedia wormhole reading up on cryptids. A lot of it may be a load of hooey but now and then what critics decried as fever dreams and hogwash turn out to be real or have a basis in actual animals.

The Wolpertinger is a Bavarian cryptid; usually a small animal like a squirrel or rabbit with horns, fangs, and wings. You can find stuffed versions sold as souvenirs in some regions. Wolpertinger and, their un-winged North American kin, the jackalope may be attributed to sightings of rabbits infected with shope papilloma virus which can cause horny growths on or near the head.


Acrylic on bristol with ink wash.

4″ x 6″

Year of the Rabbit, 2011


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