Baby’s first block print


Trying my hand at block printing with some Speedball Speedy Cut and wood chisels I happened to have on hand.

I am much more familiar with cutting stencils, making silkscreens, and collographs than carving blocks but it is always good to try new things. I tried to get into the printmaking class in college but lost the lottery for the last slot so I’ve used The Printmaking Bible as a guide to teach myself.

First impressions: Speedycut is nice since you are less likely to gouge your hand by an errant chisel blade but I want to work up to a firmer material with sharper tools since clean fine lines are harder with this really soft stuff. I also Have to work out what sort of texture would work in my negative space .

Still need a lot of practice in this technique  so I’ll most likely wind up making a screenprint for December’s print show.


One thought on “Baby’s first block print

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