Post-It Cuts

I decided to keep things simple this year. Instead of trying new media or wracking my brain for witty bon mots to catch the eye I went back to blade and paper.

This year the organizers requested that everyone stick to the basic 3″ x 3″ Post-It note instead of using odd sized ones (I like 4″ x 4″ better) or tiling to create larger works.


Making art on post-its sounds easy but it has its own set of unique pitfalls.

Square compositions can be tricky, even more so on such a small canvas, since it is easy to just center your artwork on the paper and call it a day.  I try to work towards the edges of my surface and try to follow the rule of thirds when composing.

TRU-N-Post-its-1Another issue with a show like this one is that it is easy to get lost in a wall of artwork since there will be so many pieces. In the past some artists would do large tiled pieces or go unconventional with 3D elements to try to catch a potential buyer’s eye. My cutouts are very mild compared to some of the more sculptural pieces we’ve had in the past.


The paper used to manufacture Post-Its is not particularly heavy so the use of a wet media like watercolor can cause curling or buckling very easily. Even high humidity can cause them to curl while they are on display. I decided to embrace the effect of humidity on paper for this year’s set. I chose cascading organic shapes after being inspired by ferns and grasses growing in my neighborhood.

Cut paper tears pretty easily since there isn’t much in the way of structural integrity (narrow strips and overcuts can lead to a tear) so I decided to reinforce my post-its with a second layer of paper and pasted contrasting origami paper to the top of each Post-It so they would have three different colors (white wall + bright origami hue + muted Post-It hue). Here is what is looks like with a matching backing color.




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