A Sweater Bunny

Since the Post-It Show is fast approaching here is another random post it.

This is from Post-It IV and features a Sweater Bunny.


4″x4″ Post-It with color pencil.

Sweater Bunny was my nickname for UCLA Unicamp, UCLA’s official charity. I was a camp specialist and ran/organized activities for kids attending a weeklong session in the San Bernardino mountains. Most of the kids are from underserved communities in the Los Angeles area. When I did camp I helped organize arts and crafts, I-games (initiative/teamwork activities, and (my last year) organized the other specialists and helped plan some camp wide events.

Why Sweater Bunny?

When I was visiting a friend in SF I saw a homeless man with a pet bunny who used a good amount of his panhandling money to buy food and bedding for his bunny companion which I thought was very sweet. My friend told me that he put the bunny in a wee sweater to keep it warm on colder days. I was quite enamored with that idea and my summer camp name was promptly changed to Sweater Bunny.


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