A drawing for me.

This is one of my oldest personal possessions.

I have many older things that were once someone else’s (including an over hundred year old opera hat) but I’ve managed to hold onto very few things from my own childhood. I was a bit of a magpie as a child and loved to collect and hoard little trinkets and images to hang up and decorate with but I pared down a lot of items in various cleaning and organization fits over the years.

I have had a very worn stuffed yellow kitten with green eyes, that was usually called Sara, with me since I was three years old and this drawing that my dad made for me in 1992–twenty-one years ago today.

If this drawing were a person it would be of legal drinking age.

March 17, 1992

It isn’t a fancy drawing, just a little pen and crayon doodle on cardboard from a frozen pizza box (it helped crisp your crust in the microwave!). We were not well off so we drew on whatever scrap of paper we could find.

I remember sitting at our round orange dining table as he traced around a penny for the sun and smudged the ballpoint pen into bamboo segments. After he finished coloring he signed it and presented it to me.

It has become a bit worn over the years. The bamboo segments faded so I delineated them with a pencil when I was still a child. The top has a hole from the tack and is discolored from being hung with tape. I also practiced my name in cursive above my printed name.

I will always love treasure this drawing. It hangs in my bedroom and would probably be one on the things I would grab in case of a fire (along with shoes, passport, phone, and boyfriend).


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