Familial trees and lichen

Today is the first day of Spring.

It doesn’t feel like it in Los Angeles though; the temperature has been lovely for the last few weeks and the cherry blossoms are already spent in my neighborhood.


A few years ago I contributed some artwork to the Tree Show VI at (now defunct) GRSF.

I took my inspiration from my boyfriend’s apple tree; it was planted in his grandparents yard in honor of his birth. The apple tree has accumulated a good coat of lichen from the misty climate there over the last few decades and still produces apples (Golden Delicious, I think) every year.

Lichens 1

Lichens 1

Lichens 1 detail

Lichens 1 detail

The base branch is done in color pencils on 9″ x 24″ drawing paper with embroidery floss lichens. The background is a watercolor wash .

Lichens 2

Lichens 2

Lichens 2 detail

Lichens 2 detail

His grandparents were gobsmacked when we presented them with both pieces as a gift after the show. Both now hang in the foyer and they try to send us home with a big bag of apples whenever we visit during apple season.


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