Fashionable Bunnies progress

This past weekend I’ve been brushing up on my silkscreening. It has been a few years since I’ve stretched and set up one. It is pretty hard to get them nice and tight but this effort didn’t turn out too bad.

I managed to pull the doodles I did on my “Yay for bunnies!” mugs off with judicious photoshoppery and played with some layouts before settling on this arrangement.


I tweaked the image slightly as I was painting it on the screen with the blue drawing fluid, just removed some of the stippling and put a pattern on the scarf. After squeegeeing screen filler and washing out the drawing fluid I touched things up by adding more filler and scratching off excess dried filler in other areas (my ceramic tools are getting more play out of clay than in it nowadays).

There was a bit of a delay after I broke my squeegee and discovered some of my inks had dried up but I managed to grab a (much sturdier) squeegee today and dug out my silkscreen medium and some acrylic paint. Between the two test prints you can see how I’ve thinned out and defined some of the accessories. I don’t feel like it is ready yet so I’m still tweaking things.



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