Scraping plates and art. Step Three

More  experiments from Spring 2007 painting class.

I decided to go crazy with layering and different colors and weights of Sharpie markers. Sharpies and ballpoint pens tend to bleed through layers of paint and I really liked the effect; it brought to mind the idea of memory and how each drawing was a way of recalling some of the food experiences and memories I had when I traveled to Vietnam in 2004.

One of my most vivid memories was of instant noodles.

My cousins were tasked with entertaining me while I stayed at my grandfather’s house so we took lots of little moped trips to the surrounding attractions like the local markets and Buddhist temples.

One day we went hiking and rockhopping up along a nearby stream–I can recall how green it was and beautiful except for the piles of snack wrappers left behind by other hikers. We hiked and rockhopped up higher and higher upstream till we found one free of people and trash.

We weren’t alone at the top though. Vietnamese people are very enterprising and there was a lone woman at the top of the mountain under a tarpulin selling snacks and refreshments.

The weather during monsoon season is a little unpredictable: you know it will rain sometime but it can start and end with very little notice. After a big of a swim the rain came roaring in and we huddled under her tarpulin and had a warming foam bowl of noodles. Eventually it lessened and we trekked back down while it drizzled.

(click to enlarge)


Che, soup, banh chung.


Bia hoi, soup, and do chua (pickles)


Avocado milkshake, table salad, lychee, and drip coffee.

Parts one and two.

Edited: I found the cd of pictures I took when I went to Vietnam in 2004 and here are a few pictures from that hiking trip.


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