Baby Birdie Birthday Tree

(click to enlarge)


A panoramic and slightly distorted view.

I spent a very enjoyable birthday weekend in sunny San Diego painting a nursery mural for my cousin. Trains, family, food, and painting make for good times.

She was enamored with the  tree paint job I did for my sister and asked me to contribute to a piece to her home. After receiving some good news she asked me to plan for a nursery.

I freehanded the tree drawing with vine charcoal and spent the next two days applying paint while my cousins peeked in and heaped excited compliments on my work. I am crap with receiving compliments while working on art; I think it is a holdover from art school where I am always expected a critique.

If I had a little more time I would have redone one or two birds which were not as neat as I would like (I painted six birds before I had to catch my train home the next morning). I am quite happy with how it turned out though.

I’ll post a few details of the birds in my next post.

(click to enlarge)

In progress: from drawing to final product.


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