The Internet is for Cats

One of my favorite sites to peruse for news and gossip are the Gawker family of websites. I tend to read Jezebel and io9 most often and venture into a few of their other sites when I have the urge.

It is a news/gossip aggregate site that is a pretty decent way to stay abreast of important and topical stories…with a heavy dose of snark and sarcasm too. The comments can be full of interesting anecdotes and points of view or a hilarious gif goldmine.

On Friday Jez posted an article about photoshopping cats.

The comments were full of satirical remarks about society’s perception of beauty and attractiveness (business as usual on Jez) and pictures of kitties.  Then one of the commentators posted a picture of her cat and said, “Photoshop this, bitches.”

Challenge accepted Lisasaurus.
ku-xlargeI took the picture of her hefty tabby and combines it with Henry Courtney Selous’s Birth of Venus.

After isolating the cat and flipping the painting I clone stamped and pasted some bits to hide the original Venus.

Not the most precise job but good enough for a quick chuckle.
venus-catThis was a fun way to while away a  slow afternoon at work and it made strangers on the internet smile. Now it is out in the world as an iPad and iPhone background.



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