Experimental Post-It 3 Flashback


My first Post-It Show was almost five years ago.

Rather than working around a basic theme I was just experimenting with various media on 4″x4″ super sticky notes: screenprinting, collage, embroidery, and drawing. It is a bit scattered but you can see that I’ve kept up with certain elements over the years.


5 thoughts on “Experimental Post-It 3 Flashback

  1. I think I have encountered you here once before. I still get mixed feelings about your work. The variety of skills you use is impressive and inspiring. But, it’s still a shame it has to be on Post-It notes. It also amazes me that an entire “show” can be done with just little pieces of note paper:) That’s something. I hope you can “quilt” these together into Warhol-ish pieces and save them from falling off walls when you transfer them. They’d almost be too small to hang individually. But, the possibilities for uses are endless.

  2. I agree that sticky notes aren’t the most stable of mediums but I appreciate the mission behind this art show; to make art buying more accessible to people who might not buy art regularly. It is usually a massive show and a good way for an artist to get their foot in the door of GR2’s gallery too.

    Displaying Post-Its can be tricky. You’re right that they are a bit small to hang solo, so I cluster and mat the 3″ standard notes. The 4″ notes work well in 5″ or 6″ square frames so I’ve been able to put up a few of them.

  3. How do/did you sell the Post-Its? Or, were they just to display your talents? Did other people do Post-It collages, too?

    My main concern is transferring them and any air current that might blow them off the walls.

    I suppose you could do a napkin show, too. Many people make doodles on napkins at restaurants. They could be made on purpose with little notes/thoughts/quotes for something different to frame.

    • The gallery handles the sales during the show. It is set up as cash and carry so buyers can take home their artwork at the time of purchase. They just pack them up on cardboard in plastic sleeves and move notes around to fill in any gaps.

      I’ve contributed 10 to 30 Post-It notes in past years (on average, just a dozen) myself, but these shows usually have over a hundred contributors (sometimes close to 200 artists) so a patchwork wall of sticky notes is not too hard to achieve. Some might do a scant handful but there are always a few artists who do several dozen.

      I think wind and humidity can be an issue and they tack them back up with archival tape if they do fall.

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