Random Tasks

The last month has been pretty busy so I’ve done a terrible job at trying to keep up with my drawing and painting. My attention has just been elsewhere as of late. 

That isn’t to say that I have done nothing creative lately.

Most of my attention has been focused on weddings, one weekend a friend and the next for family. I spent a bit of time making a leaf covered cocktail hat/fascinator to wear as well as researching wedding flowers since I offered to do the wedding party flowers for the second wedding (family helping family and such).


This wedding was a city hall/JOP with immediate-family-only type deal. So I didn’t have to worry about multiple bouquets and centerpieces. The boutonnieres  for the groom and both set of parents were made of roses, green button mums, and leafy filler (mostly eucalyptus and some boxwood). The bridal bouquet (not pictured, since I only have shoddy cell phone pictures) was made of white roses and white spider mums with eucalyptus accents. Everything was handwrapped and the ribbon was hand-sewn together.


I’ve also been working on jewelry lately and trying to build up my Etsy shop. I need to photograph everything and start writing listings next.


I might try to get some earrings out next and work on a few painted bowls or block prints for the shop too.


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