Doodle Party # 12 – Flu Edition

It has been a miserable week in my apartment.

My BF has had the flu all week so I’ve spent most of my time taking care of him with little time for much else after work and regular daily tasks. I felt hale and hearty all week but it seems that infection has finally caught up with me–one minute i feel awesome and the next my head hurts and I have to take a two hour midday nap.

These have been my dearest friends for the past day and a half.


I am trying my damnedest to recover quick since I hate feeling under the weather and I also have a date with a lot of whiskey (tasting convention) this week.

Despite that I did manage to doodle a little today at work. Not as much as I wanted to get done since it was quite busy and I can’t draw when there are customers milling about.


I rather like the glasses bunny and I am the sick bunny.


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