Gearing Up for December

Sorry for the long lull between posts–at least I didn’t fatally succumb to influenza.

I’ve been in prep and planning mode (and getting well mode) for the past few weeks. Right now I need to get productive for two art shows in December and filling my Etsy shop with more goodies for the holiday.

I’ll have some new art and in-progress work soon. I’ve been busy with making jewelry and sketching out other products so hopefully I can knock a few more pieces out this weekend and get it photographed and posted within the next two weeks.

The first art show this December will be the 9th Annual Post-It Show at GR2. I’ve actually drawn most of this year’s entries already though I may redo a few. It will run from December 7th 2013 to December 15th 2013.


Immediately after that show GR2 will host Multi-Matter (once known as Printed Matter). I plan on making a few prints for this show as well as some merchandise (totes and brooches and keychains). This may overlap with some of my Etsy creating too. This show will run from December 17th 2013 to January 8th 2014.


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