Space, Stamps, Bunnies, and Ponies

I’ve got a few projects in the pipeline right now.


I’ve been working on putting up new items in my Etsy shop and figuring our merchandising for the occasion that I do sell things. I spent the afternoon carving a stamp to use in merchandising.

Just my name, nothing fancy. It is the inverse of the stamp I used for my jewelry stands during Multimatter.


Speaking of Multimatter, my bunny keychains were a big hit and Giant Robot/GR2 wants to carry them in the shop. I’ve got to resupply and buckle down and sew a whole lot of them. Look out for a upcoming kitty version too.


I just got a last minute invite to a Year of the Horse themed show at GR2. It opens on February 1st.

Good thing I’ve been on a horse kick lately. I am working on some new year cards and have been doodling horses on the Galaxy Note lately.


I’ve had that book since elementary school and now I can put it to good use.



My current personal (non-business/non-art-show)  project are space-y tile paintings inspired by the natural pattern of the tumbled green marble or the scabos travertine. The tiles looks like the roiling surface of a gas giant like Jupiter or the swirls or unnamed galaxies.

I’m currently torn between doing space probes or starships (Star Wars in particular).


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