About Me.

Tru Nguyen is a visual artist living in the Bay Area. She has a BFA in Art from UCLA.

She likes snorkeling, going to aquariums, Asian-Communist propaganda, drag queens, finding or making good things to eat, hats, red pandas, and house music.


Post-It Show 13 GR2, December 2017
Post-It Show 11 GR2, December 2015
Multimatter GR2, December 2014
Post-It Show 10 GR2, December 2014
Multimatter GR2, December 2013
Post-It Show 9 GR2 , December 2013
Printed Matter GR2, December 2012
Post-It Show 8 GR2, December 2012
Game Over 4 GR2, June 2012
Year of the Dragon GR2, February 2012
Post-It Show 7 GR2, December 2011
Robot Show GR2, September 2011
Year of the Rabbit GR2, February 2011
Post-It Show 6 GR2, December 2010
Post-It Show 5 GRNY, June 2010
Tree Show VI GRSF, May 2010
Small Favors GRNY, April 2010
Patchwork GR2, March 2010
Year of the Tiger GR2, February 2010
Post-It Show 4 GR2, December 2009
Junk in the Trunk GR2, August 2009
Free to a Good Home 2: Dogs GR2, May 2009
Post-It Show 3 GR2, December 2008
Suggestion Box GR2, July 2008
Can We Sit on It (Undergraduate Senior Exhibition) UCLA New Wight Gallery, February 2007
i guess you can take it with you (solo installation) UCLA Broad Art Center 1151, December 2006